What Are Cabinets?

There are three basic styles of cabinets to choose from when renovating your Kitchen or Bathroom.  First are “Stock” cabinets. These cabinets are either ready to assemble or prepacked for quick delivery. This style works if you have a budget requirement, a rental, or basic. They come in set sizes and are limited in color and style.  Secondly, there are “ Semi-Custom” cabinets.  These are the most popular. With semi-custom, you have many options in color, style, and sizes, and you can modify to certain tolerances.  These cabinets offer the “Best Bang” for your money. Lots of options and colors and still maintains some budget requirements.  Thirdly is “Custom.”  “Custom” cabinets are made basically from scratch. The sky is the limit with colors and styles, you can make the cabinets whatever they are spaced out dimensionally, and you can have them painted in any color and all options and upgrades available. You would consider this type for a certain look, color, or modifications to fit your needs and quality.  Learning and tangible seeing the difference can help narrow down which style most fits your needs